Jekyll Theme - Project Gaia


This post is only for demo, some contents may be archived.

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Update History


This is a personal blog source code.

The theme name is ‘Project Gaia’, cuz I have another under building project named ‘Project Uranus’ o( ̄▽ ̄)o

repo link: szhielelp/JekyllTheme-ProjectGaia

Post Example

Here is a post example

[Please check the code in Markdown]



Realized with this repo: syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter

Usage(include necessary CSS and JS and run SyntaxHighlighter.all()):


Here is code snippet example:

    [please check the post markdown here]

Table of Content

Realized with this repo: jgallen23/toc

Auto-run when page loaded.


Realized with this repo: szhielelp/md-post-header-collapse

Run $.headerCollapseRobot() after post loaded.

    /*header collapsible example*/
      arr_Id_CollapseEnds =  new Array("end"),                       
      arr_Collapsible_Tag = new Array("H1","H2","H3"),                       
      arr_ExcludeElemPrefix_InCollapsible  = new Array("comment-"),      
      arr_ExcludeElemPrefix_InCollapsing = new Array("sidebar-toc-Ik4D-")

You can try clicking on the icons near titles.

Stickie Post

Just put a attribute in header of the specific post:

layout: post
title: blablablalala
category : Comic
tags : [Comic, 10101]
stickie: true

Then current post will show ahead of other posts.

Reading Progressbar

Inspired from

It will show your reading progress for current post.